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Gentle Hydration, Bain Doux
(Vegan Formula)

Spirulina, Vegetable Keratin, Vegetable Collagen, Pataua Oil, Coconut Oil

The Vegan Recipe of AnS Brasil

Spirulina, derived from Latin American algae, is rich in beta carotene, which will cleanse the scalp, but above all its high concentration of protein will improve the natural synthesis of keratin. This will result in shinier, healthier and more shapely hair.

Phytokeratin is the raw material of hair. It strengthens and restores essential nutrients to hair, and restores, protects and smoothes damaged hair. It creates a protective barrier that helps the hair to fight against external aggressions.

Vegetal Collagen, a protein that is a constituent of the hair fiber, brings elasticity and suppleness to the hair. It will act in depth to limit alopecia and strengthen the hair fiber from the root to the tip.

Coconut Oil is known to restore shine to dull and damaged hair and protect colored hair while prolonging its shine.

In a few words...

Give your hair a real makeover with the new Vegan mask from AnS Brasil, which brings the best of nature to a pot of care for the health of your hair and scalp. Transform your mane into a shimmering, silky substance with a velvety touch, your hair will be glowing, as if transformed thanks to this hydration infusion! By smoothing the scales and reinforcing the hair's natural protective barrier, this formula provides hair care and maintenance for Brazilian straightening.

In a few steps...

Apply generously after the Vegan Bath on damp hair. Leave on for 15 minutes. To intensify the treatment, you can use a heating cap or a hot towel. Rinse thoroughly to remove excess product.

You dream about it ...

Strengthened and moisturized hair, detangled, nourished, protected from external aggressions, your hair is more beautiful and deeply repaired. Its formula, rich in Keratin, prolongs the effect of your Brazilian straightening and your Keratin hair care.

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