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Vegan Bath, Bain Doux
(Vegan Formula)

Vegetable Keratin, Vegetable Collagen, Aloe Vera

The Vegan Recipe of AnS Brasil

Phytokeratin is the raw material of hair. It strengthens and restores essential nutrients to hair, and restores, protects and smoothes damaged hair. It creates a protective barrier that helps the hair to fight against external aggressions.
Vegetal Collagen, a protein that is a constituent of the hair fiber, brings elasticity and suppleness to the hair. It will act in depth to limit alopecia and strengthen the hair fiber from the root to the tip.
Aloe Vera is known for its purifying action that will regulate the production of sebum but also for its moisturizing action because its leaf is composed of 98% water and its concentration in vitamin A, B6 and B9 promotes blood circulation in the scalp and thus participates in a better hair growth.

In a few words...

Gentle cleansing is essential for healthy hair. The treatment must begin with a gentle wash, which does not damage the hair. For this, the use of mild surfactants that have an affinity with the hair is essential. That's why we look for the best raw materials in nature to care for your hair. We have developed a delicate shampoo with moisturizing and protein actives. We use a vegetable collagen that contains oligosaccharides and high molecular weight amino acids that help to improve hydration. Aloe vera, an ancient plant with moisturizing and regenerative properties, rich in vitamins and minerals that leaves hair stronger and less brittle. Vegetable keratin, obtained from cereals, contains a complex of amino acids and peptides of low molecular weight that improves the damaged structure of the hair. Spirulina completes the treatment as it is a nutrient and protein rich algae. The protein content of spirulina reaches 60-70% of its dry weight. The result is light, healthy and shiny hair.

In a few steps...

Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process if necessary. For best results and optimal hydration, follow with the Vegan Mask

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Strengthened and moisturized hair, detangled, nourished, protected from external aggressions, your hair is more beautiful and repaired in depth. Its formula rich in Keratin prolongs the effect of your Brazilian straightening and your Keratin hair care.

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