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Repairing Balm
(Vegan Formula)

Vegetable Keratin, Amino Acid Complex, Red Seaweed, Coconut and Avocado Oil

The nourishing and beneficial recipe

Phytokeratin is the raw material of hair. It strengthens and restores essential nutrients to hair, and restores, protects and smoothes damaged hair. It creates a protective barrier that helps the hair to fight against external aggressions.

Methionine, with its high concentration of sulfur, helps regenerate the chains that make up the hair fiber. This will significantly repair and strengthen the hair structure. Methionine can also help fight against alopecia. Arginine is an amino acid with a strong power on hair growth thanks to its vasodilator effect. This improves the irrigation of the roots and stimulates hair growth. Glutamine, formed from glutamic acid, gives strength and vitality to hair.

Coconut Oil is known to restore shine to dull and damaged hair and protect colored hair while prolonging its shine.

Avocado oil is rich in moisturizing agents, proteins and vitamins. By its power of absorption important it will give again brightness and softness with the hair. It will also have the power to protect the hair fiber from external aggressions such as heat, UV or pollution.

In a few words ...

KERALUX is without a doubt the best treatment option for damaged or chemically treated hair. A product that is very rich in active ingredients that quickly heals, treats and recovers hair damage. Studies show that the proteins used in Keralux, increase the resistance of the hair of 40% with only 3 washes, because it has a system of recomposition of the capillary cortex made possible by the combination of amino acids and a high content of glycine/tyrosine for proteins that allow an increase in hair mass. KeraLux is derived from AminoPlex AnS Brasil which is a professional product.


Apply generously after shampooing twice to prepare your hair to receive the treatment on damp hair. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. You can massage your hair for a better penetration of KeraLux in the hair fiber. Rinse thoroughly to remove excess product.


Strengthened and moisturized hair, detangled, nourished, protected from external aggressions, your hair is more beautiful and deeply repaired. Its formula, rich in Keratin, prolongs the effect of your Brazilian straightening and your Keratin hair care.


Dehydrated, dry, thick, damaged, highlighted or bleached hair