Sublimating Serum (50 ml)


Hair Serum / Moisturizing Formula / Maintenance of Brazilian care

The beneficial moisturizing recipe

*Macadamia oil is ultra regenerating and restructuring. It makes hair more resistant and softer while nourishing it in depth.
*Monoï oil owes its nourishing properties to the saturated fatty acids it is saturated with. It is therefore recommended to repair hair after sun damage.
*Myrrh oil is distinguished by its powerful calming and softening action. It is known for its regenerating and purifying properties. *Olive oilis ideal for restoring shine and shine to hair. It moisturizes them while helping to stop their fall and slows down aging, and repairs damaged tips.

*Macadamia oil,
*Monoï oil
*Myrrh oil
*Olive oil

In a few words...

Give your hair a new shine with the AnS Brasil Sublimating Serum created by Adriano NS, which has composed a complex of beneficial oils to sublimate all types of hair. Transform your lengths and ends into a silky fabric with a velvety feel, your hair will be shiny, as if transformed thanks to this infusion of shine! By smoothing the scales and strengthening the hair's natural protective barrier, this formula provides hair care and maintenance for Brazilian straightening.

In a few simple steps...

Apply a few drops of Serum before brushing, it will act as a thermal protector. When finished on dry hair, it will offer you impeccable styling and a mirror shine.

You dreamed of it...

Hair protected from heat, lengths and ends intensely nourished without greasy effect and a brilliant shine.

Is that for me?

All hair types.