Research and development of our products are essential. That 's whyAnS Brasil has forged a solid and exclusive partnership with a Fundamental Research Laboratory .

Located in the São Paulo region of Brazil, this center of research and excellence is headed by Rubia Souza. In addition to our operational resources, we have named our research facility "the Lab", on the borderline between a Laboratory of Excellence and the AnS Brasil brand label. It is the foundation of our partnership, where we pool our expertise and ideas to imagine and design exceptional products.

We attach crucial importance to the selection of ingredients. From bamboo sap to goji berries and red algae, no choice of ingredient is left to chance, and is the subject of in-depth research into its virtues and benefits for hair. In our quest for excellence, we meticulously study the composition of formulas, the origin of active ingredients, the choice of galenic forms, the sensoriality of textures, fragrances and, of course, packaging. Our approach to designing the very best hair care products is based on the prerequisites of clean, vegan beauty, firmly rooted in Brazilian traditions and aligned with the cosmetics industry's most demanding development charters.

The Lab enables us to control the entire value chain, guaranteeing the traceability of our products in compliance with the highest quality standards dictated by European (EC N° 1223/2009), Canadian (Health Canada) and American standards.