AnS Brasil School

School AnsCertified training center

The AnS Brasil School will allow you to discover all the secrets from Adriano NS' savoir-faire. As soon as you are in, you dive into the greatest Brazilian environment to live a privileged experience. See the expertise, professionalism, knowledge, networking and haircare experts come together for exciting conversations, the best practices, trainings and to ultimately get AnS certification.
Since 2015, the AnS certified training center welcomes hairdresser professionals (salon owners or employees) around the world who wish to become an AnS Brasil partner.

By becoming an AnS Brasil certified partner, you will benefit from:

  • Joining a 1/2 day of hands-on training with outstanding Brazilian hair care professionals.
  • Getting the support, advice and practice from Brazilian hair care specialists.
  • Working and discovering excellent and high-quality Brazilian hair products created, tested and approved by Adriano therefore offering your customers the same high level quality service.
  • Obtaining the certification and becoming AnS Brasil certified partner status.
  • Joining the AnS Brasil Community of professional experts.
  • Learning everything about the brand and its cutting-edge hair product innovations.

Adriano will accompany you throughout the day and share his love and secrets of Brazilian hair smoothing. The AnS School brings you all the necessary expertise and the added value to ensure you become a strong professional and real expert in Brazilian high-quality hair care services.

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