★ Smoothing Power
★★★★ Moisturizing Power

Capillary Cauterization, Deep Reconstruction


Deep Hair Repair / Eliminates the "Elastic" effect of hair / Anti-Frisottis

La recette bienfaitrice reconstructrice

*Keratin, the real raw material of hair, restores hair's essential nutrients and strengthens it. This protein restores, protects and smooths damaged hair. It sheaths the hair fiber and repairs it. It creates a protective barrier that helps hair to fight against external aggressions.
*The Amino-Acid Complex helps to nourish the hair in order to keep it healthy and resistant. They are also known for their anti-ageing capillary power. These are necessary elements to preserve flexibility and vitality.
*Goji Bay is also called "key to eternal youth" because of its antioxidant and rejuvenating properties. Goji Bay strengthens hair and has an energizing effect, which restores shine and life to the hair.

*The Amino-Acid Complex
*Goji Bay

In a few words...

Formula created by Adriano NS for hair care professionals. It is the ideal care for a deep reconstruction of the hair. It strengthens brittle, damaged and weakened hair. This treatment has the power to reverse the negative effects of external aggressions, heat and coloring by restoring their suppleness, shine and above all, strength. This hair reconstruction restores life to brittle, split hair, which has difficulty growing back healthy and helps to restore beautiful hair.

In a few steps...

1) Gently wash hair with Universal Clarifying Shampoo. Rinse and repeat the process.
2) Dry hair 100% and apply R'Detox.
3) Divide the hair into sections. Start applying the product with a colored brush 1 cm from the root. Go from the neck to the extremities.
4) Comb hair with a fine-toothed comb, so that the product is evenly distributed and completely covers the hair and eliminates excess. Wrap it in plastic film and leave it on for 30 minutes (under a heat helmet for best results). Massage the hair carefully and leave it to work for 20 to 30 minutes.
5) Rinse thoroughly and dry hair. Dab and then run the smoothing iron 4 times per strand.

They dreamed of it...

Intensely reconstructed and completely repaired hair. They are stronger, the frizz disappears and gives way to smooth, healthy and silky hair.

Is that for her?

For hair that is extremely damaged and weakened by coloring, discoloration and chemical processes or external aggressions, brushings and straightening irons.