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★★★★ Smoothing Power
★★ Moisturizing Power

Organic Keratin treatment


Organic Brazilian Smoothing Cream Care / Intense Moisturizing / Suitable for pregnant women and children / Shine / Volume and frizz reducer.

The Smoothing Beneficial Recipe

*Keratin, the real raw material of hair, restores hair's essential nutrients and strengthens it. This protein restores, protects and smooths damaged hair. It sheaths the hair fiber and repairs it. It creates a protective barrier that helps hair to fight against external aggressions.
*Hyaluronic Acid restores dry, damaged hair by deeply moisturizing it. It regenerates and rejuvenates dull hair by giving a "botox" effect to your hair which becomes radiant and silky to the touch.
*Acai Extract restores shine to the hair and helps the hair to reflect light like a mirror. It has healing and anti-aging properties to strengthen the hair and make it healthier and more resistant to external aggressions.
*Orchid Extract is a natural moisturizer and softener. It is an antioxidant and therefore acts as an anti-aging agent on the hair. It revitalizes, protects and regenerates the hair while restoring the fiber thanks to its smoothing power.
Ojon Oilis known for its nourishing and repairing properties, moisturizing and caring for damaged hair. It smooths the scales and strengthens the natural resistance of the hair fiber.
*Macadamia Oil has ultra-regenerating properties and helps the hair fiber to become more resistant while still softening it. It makes the fiber softer thanks to its anti-dehydration action. It nourishes and hydrates the hair fiber in depth by restructuring it.
*Buriti Oil infuses shine into dull, damaged hair while protecting it. It acts as a light infuser in the hair and restores its natural tone by softening it. Naturally very nutritious, it will provide real hydration to the hair.

*Hyaluronic Acid
*The Acai Extract
*Orchid Extract
*Ojon Oil
*Macadamia Oil
*Buriti Oil

In a few words...

Innovative organic formula created by Adriano NS for hair care professionals that can be used on pregnant women and even children. Specially developed to smooth, restore shine and restore nutrients that hair can lose due to heat (brushing, flat iron), pollution, chemical treatments and other external damage.

In a few steps...

After gently washing hair with Universal Clarifying Shampoo
1) Dry hair 100% for better penetration of the product.
2) Pour a sufficient amount of product into a plastic bowl.
3) Divide the hair into sections. Start applying the product with a colored brush 1 cm from the root. Go from the neck to the extremities.
4) Comb hair with a fine-toothed comb so that the product is evenly distributed and completely covers the hair and eliminates excess. Wrap it in plastic film and leave it on for 30 minutes (under a heat helmet for best results).
5) Rinse thoroughly by emulsifying. Do a blow dry.
6) Redivide the hair into sections. From the nape of the neck, pass the straightening iron 10 to 15 times (until the hair is shiny) on thin strands using a ceramic straightening iron heated to 230 degrees. Move the iron gently and evenly over the hair in a single movement to ensure that the scales close properly by trapping Keratin in the hair cuticle.

They dreamed of it...

Carefully cared for, shiny, silky, smooth and frizz-free hair. The hair is transformed into a light, soft and supple material to the touch. Easier to style and healthier! Visible result for 3 to 6 months.

Is that for her?

All hair types, including frizzy, very curly, colored or chemically pretreated hair and dry, thick, damaged hair, even those of pregnant or nursing women or children.