Universal Shampoo


Clarifying Shampoo / Pre-Treatment Shampoo Brazilian Care

In a few words.....

Exclusive formula developed by Adriano NS for hair care professionals. Made with rosemary extract to stimulate hair circulation and mint essence to strengthen the fiber, this very fresh shampoo is specially designed to treat and purify hair. Jaborandi is a plant, rich in active ingredients that will make this shampoo an excellent growth stimulator. It opens the hair scales and prepares it for the application of all deep Brazilian hair care products by facilitating the penetration of Keratin and other active ingredients.

In a few steps....

Gently wash hair with Universal Shampoo. Do not rub the scalp. Rinse and repeat the process. The hair must have a scaly texture after the second shampoo. For chemically untreated, thick or natural hair, the second shampoo should be applied for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

They dreamed of it....

An essential step in all Brazilian hair care, Universal Shampoo prepares the hair for treatment, removes residues and impurities and allows deep cleansing, while opening the hair scales.

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All hair types, including blonde, colored, bleached or chemically pretreated hair.