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Nourishing Cream with Keratin Aftercare Brazilian (Dry and Thick)


Nourishing Salt-Free Cream / Moisturizing Formula / Maintenance of Brazilian care

The nourishing and beneficial recipe

*Keratin, the real raw material of hair, restores hair's essential nutrients and strengthens it. This protein restores, protects and smooths damaged hair. It sheaths the hair fiber and repairs it. It creates a protective barrier that helps hair to fight against external aggressions.
*Orchid Extract is a natural moisturizer and softener. It is an antioxidant and therefore acts as an anti-ageing agent on the hair. It revitalizes, protects and regenerates the fiber.
*Macadamia Oil has ultra-regenerating properties, it helps the hair fiber to become more resistant, while softening it. It makes the fiber softer thanks to its anti-dehydration action. It nourishes and hydrates the hair fiber in depth by restructuring it.

*Orchid Extract
*Macadamia Oil

In a few words...

Offer the infinite richness of a true recipe for nutrition to your hair with the Orchidea Nourishing Cream from AnS Brasil created by Adriano NS who has bottled paradise for the health of your dry and thick hair. Transform your mane into a shimmering and silky material with a velvety touch, your hair will shine, as if transformed thanks to this infusion of hydration! By smoothing the scales and strengthening the hair's natural protective barrier, this formula provides hair care and maintenance for Brazilian straightening.

In a few steps...

As a Conditioner: Apply a dab of Orchidea Nourishing Cream to the entire hair, massage gently and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
Like Leave In: Apply a dab of Orchidea Nourishing Cream to the entire hair, style as you wish.

You dreamed of it...

Strengthened and hydrated hair from root to tip, detangled, nourished, protected from external aggressions, and heat your hair is more beautiful. Its formula, rich in Keratin, prolongs the effect of your Brazilian smoothing and Keratin hair care. In addition, it protects the hair from heat, sea salt or chlorine.

Is that for me?

Dry, thick, curly and damaged hair.