Non-Smoothing Rituals

Reconstructive Infusion Ritual


The Reconstructive Infusion Ritual will offer a second life to your hair weakened and damaged by coloring techniques or repeated brushings. Bring your hair back to life with this treatment rich in repairing properties. It will deeply replenish the hair dehydrated by restoring its softness. Your hair will be voluptuous thanks to to this revitalizing treatment. It's time to relax and do good for your hair. From the roots to the tips, your hair will finally have a second life.

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The Reconstructive Infusion Ritual is a repairing hair care ritual with the power to restore tone and vitality to your hair that has been damaged by chemical stress (colors, strands, sweeping, straightening...). From scalp to ends, the Reconstructive Infusion Ritual will fill-in the gaps in your hair..


Less daily breakage and more softness to make your hair look healthier. Your hair will be deeply rebuilt, silky and shiny. It is the ideal ritual to reverse the harmful effects of chemical staining treatments or the repeated use of a smoothing iron.

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