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Purifying Infusion Ritual


The Purifying Infusion Ritual is a real detox cure for your hair with sublime virtues. This treatment will regenerate a dull hair fiber lacking shine by wrapping it in softness. Your hair will be luxuriant, revitalized by this miracle treatment. Enjoy this relaxing, custom-made ritual to satisfy all the needs of your scalp and your hair; it's an opportunity to take care of your hair from the roots to the tips. Every detail counts when it comes to the health of your hair.

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The Purifying Infusion Ritual is an anti-pollution hair care ritual with the power to restore strength and shine to your dull, lifeless hair. From the scalp to the ends, the Purifying Infusion Ritual will reoxygenate your entire hair.


Your hair will be plumped and revitalized while your scalp will be purified from pollution, impurities and excess color or poor care. It is the ideal ritual to start from scratch and develop new good hair habits by purifying all your hair.


Rituel purifiant

Je remercie Dania pour le soin qu’elle a réalisé sur mes cheveux courts ! J’ai adoré le résultat, elle a fait revivre mes cheveux


Rituel infusion purifiant

Experience au top avec Evandro - cela fait 5 fois que je viens et c’est toujours autant un regal

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Soin hydratant

Génial, cheveux éclatants de brillance

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