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Renaissance Ritual



The Renaissance Ritual is a capillary cauterization, so it has reconstructive virtues. This deep treatment will regenerate brittle hair by wrapping it in softness and hydration. Your hair will be luxuriant, as if revitalized by this miracle treatment. Relax during a ritual designed to meet all the needs of your hair, it is the opportunity to pamper yourself. From the diagnosis to the final result, nothing will be left behind for the health of your hair. You will live a personalized ritual, as unique as you are. Enjoy this timeless moment

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The Renaissance Ritual consists of a deep reconstruction that repairs the hair thanks to its beneficial active ingredients. This treatment fills in the hair's flaws and revitalizes it by giving it an exceptional shine.

The Renaissance Ritual will regenerate your hair with keratin, amino acids and revitalizing ingredients. This ritual rehydrates your hair while freeing it from frizz. It allows you to reconstitute a healthy hair fiber and detoxify the hair.


This ritual offers you up to 25% relaxation of your hair and a mirror shine to the ends, allowing you to style easily for up to 3 months. Your hair is repaired, cared for, shiny and frizz-free. The hair is healthier, softer and suppler to the touch. This ritual will strengthen fine, brittle, damaged, weakened hair by providing it with Keratin and micro-nutrients capable of helping hair regrowth.

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