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Luminescence Ritual



The Luminescence Ritual is a hair Botox, a real bath of youth for your hair that will give it a mirror shine. This treatment will offer vitality and suppleness to your hair while enhancing it. This ritual will be a moment of ultimate relaxation and well-being that will begin with an in-depth diagnosis of your hair in order to meet your expectations in respect to your hair. Since we offer only personalized treatments, this ritual will be as unique as you are. We want to make it a moment of ultimate relaxation.

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The Luminescence Ritual is above all a treatment that softens the hair thanks to its beneficial active ingredients that fill in the hair's flaws and revitalizes it by offering an exceptional shine. It sublimates your hair, giving it back vitality durably without modifying its structure.

The Luminescence Ritual will bring your hair back to life with an application of keratin, hyaluronic acid and multiple revitalizing ingredients. This ritual nourishes your hair while shortening the daily styling efforts of brushing and smoothing while also freeing you from frizz.


This ritual offers you up to 50% relaxation of your hair and a mirror shine to the ends, allowing you to style easily for 2 to 4 months. Your hair is shiny, neat, and frizz-free. Your hair looks healthier, softer to the touch and easier to style.

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