AnS Brasil anticipated some of the questions you may have. These questions and answers are obviously not exhaustive, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Do I have to do my color before or after smoothing?
I recommend that you color at least one week BEFORE smoothing so that when smoothing, the color no longer dries out. Otherwise, a color after smoothing is possible if it is done at least one week after smoothing and is ammonia-free so that the hair scales do not reopen.

Can we smooth highlighted or colored hair?
Brazilian smoothing is a technique that can be used to treat all types of hair, so it is perfectly suited to highlighted, colored or bleached hair that also needs to regain strength, vitality and nutrition.

My hair is very damaged, does smoothing risk attacking it?
Smoothing is a care technique that gently softens the hair by restoring the nutrients it has lost over time; the objective is to nourish the hair by straightening it, so this technique does not present any risk of damage to the hair.

Will I damage my hair?
Hair will never be damaged by a treatment, and Brazilian smoothing is a treatment created to bring hair back to life; it helps to repair damaged hair.

What are the differences between smoothing, Botox and cauterization?
These 3 techniques have in common the fact that they are Brazilian hair care products designed to nourish, repair and soften the hair fiber. However, Brazilian smoothing will relax the hair up to 100% and Botox up to 50%. Hair cauterization is a new virtuous technique thanks to its capillary reconstruction powers based on a targeted application of keratin within the hair that it will relax up to 25%.

Which care is the strongest?
The strongest smoothing treatment is the Brazilian smoothing which relaxes the hair 100%. But the strongest care in hair reconstruction and nutrition is capillary cauterization.

Can we do a Botox if we've never done a smoothing?
Of course, Botox can be performed 6 to 8 weeks after a smoothing to remove frizz due to regrowth. But you can also do a Botox to relax the hair at 50% only if you want. Botox will also provide repair and shine.

Can we do a cauterization if we haven't done a smoothing before?
Of course, I sometimes even recommend cauterizing before smoothing because it will rebuild the hair fiber and strengthen the hair.

How long does the smoothing/Botoxing effect last?
Accompanied, of course, by good care maintenance with post-care products at home, the effects of Brazilian smoothing last between 3 and 6 months and the effects of Botox last between 2 to 4 months.

Can I smooth my hair before going to the sea?
Of course, there are no restrictions with this. However, you will need to protect your hair with a protective care such as a leave-in cream or a BBoil.

How can I protect my smoothing if I regularly exercise or swim?
Just like before going to the sea, you will have to protect your smoothing with a protective care such as a leave-in cream or a BBoil

Can we do a Brazilian smoothing if I am pregnant?
With the AnS Brasil product range this is not a problem. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will be able to do your smoothing it is completely safe.

Can we perform a smoothing to my 7-year-old daughter?
With the AnS Brasil products range, Brazilian smoothing is done at any age and without any danger. As soon as your child is able to accept seating down quietly for 3 hours of care, there are no further issues with this.

From what length can a smoothing be done?
As soon as the hair exceeds 5 cm, a smoothing is possible. We even offer special rates for men who are, of course, welcome as well.

My hair is straightened, can I do a smoothing?
A smoothing is a deep keratin treatment. It will repair the hair fiber damaged by straightening.

How long after the smoothing can I do my Botox?
It is recommended to conduct a Botox 6 weeks after smoothing.

Will my hair stay as straight as it was when I left the salon?
If this is your first treatment and you have very curly hair, the volume will return to its natural state, and there will still be waves but they will be very easy to style. On the other hand, if your hair is relaxed, yes, it will remain relatively straight for the first three weeks.

Are all AnS Brasil rituals compatible with henna?
Yes, of course the AnS Brasil rituals are compatible with all types of coloring techniques. However, the color may disintegrate further..

I don't know which care to choose, how do I do?
It's normal not to know what to choose! Ideally, in this case, you should select one of the smoothing rituals or one of the non-smoothing rituals at random to reserve your slot. During the diagnosis with our expert, the most appropriate treatment for your needs will be selected.

Is it possible to reserve part of the Institute or the Showroom?
Of course, all you have to do is make a request a week in advance and reservation will be possible.

Can you get a haircut at AnS Brasil?
It is possible to request a haircut in addition to a treatment at the Institute, however this service will be charged in addition.

Does the AnS Brasil institute offer color or wick services?
No, the AnS Brasil Institute is an expert salon that exclusively offers Brazilian hair care (Brazilian smoothinghair Botox and hair cauterization) and deep care rituals (purifying infusion, moisturizing infusion, repairing infusion).

Do I have to wash my hair before I come?
The first step of all rituals at AnS Brasil after diagnosis is the shampoo tray, so it is not necessary to wash your hair before coming.

Can I come to AnS Brasil for a treatment ritual even if I don't want to smooth my hair?
Of course, we propose different non-smoothing rituals, such as Hydration infusionPurifying infusion or Reconstructive infusion.

Is it possible to treat my scalp as well?
Absolutely, at AnS Brasil, the treatment of the hair is done from the scalp to the ends. During the diagnosis with our experts, they will propose treatments specifically adapted to the nature of your scalp.

How many days should I wait before I make my first shampoo?
There is no mandatory deadline, you can wash your hair whenever you want.