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Brunettes don't count for much, but you've long dreamed of joining the team of "James Blond Girls". Now you're ready to take the plunge: a little, just a few strands; a lot, you'll lighten your hair by several shades; passionately, your new blondness will make Marylin jealous. But there are still a few questions to be answered. Bleaching is said to sensitize hair, dry it out and even damage the hair fiber. But don't panic, the AnS Brasil experts share their advice on how to give your hair the "blond experience" without compromising its health and beauty.

1 - Upstream, reinforce your hair care rituals

Bleaching involves working at the very heart of the hair fiber, using oxidizing products to modify the pigments that naturally color the hair. By opening the scales, we generate a loss of essential constituents such as keratin and hyaluronic acid, which not only sensitizes our hair, but also makes it more fragile. Hair is more brittle, drier and consequently harder to style.

That's why, before proceeding with your bleaching session, you need to reinforce the health and beauty of your hair.

How do you do this? By applying moisturizing and nourishing treatments at least 15 days beforehand. The more moisturized, nourished and resistant your hair is, the healthier and more beautiful the starting material will be, the more you'll optimize the results of your bleaching and limit the damage.

Advice from the AnS Brasil experts: Start your hair care rituals as early as possible, giving priority to natural, vegan formulas rich in keratin, hyaluronic acid and collagen for deep repair of the hair fiber, and treatments concentrated in plant oils to repair the surface and smooth the scales .

2 - Adapt your hair routine

Changing your hair color also means reviewing your hair rituals. Opt for gentle washing with natural, salt-free, paraben-free, silicone-free and SLS-free formulas that respect hair's sensitivity. Your hair needs to be moisturized, so choose the right care products for deep restoration, revitalizing formulas rich in natural antioxidants to preserve color and enhance shine. But above all, to prevent my blond hair from losing its shine and turning yellow, I opt for specific formulas for highlighted or bleached hair, enriched with violet pigments.

Why purple pigments? It 's all about colorimetry. In the chromatic circle, the color opposite "yellow" is violet. And since two opposing colors cancel each other out, violet highlights have the ability to naturally fade yellow highlights, and the yellowing effects of blond or light-colored hair.

3 - How often should I use treatments with violet pigments in my bathroom?

The presence of pigments in cosmetics can tend to dry out the hair, which is why we often recommend alternating violet treatments with other moisturizing and nourishing products.

Nevertheless, it's important to reapply these violet treatments regularly if you want to preserve the radiance of your color. Aware of this dilemma, AnS experts have developed an adapted skincare ritual, reinforced with emollient active ingredients. The Violet range from AnS Brasil cares for your color without drying out your hair.

Advice from the AnS Brasil experts : adapt the pause time, keeping an eye on how much your hair has already darkened. Do not exceed 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly - your hair should feel like it's crunching on your fingertips.

4 - Protect your hair from heat

Protect your hair from heat as much as possible, and from UV rays. Use thermoprotective treatments before blow-drying or sun exposure.

Advice from the AnS Brasil Experts : thermoprotective care is essential, and choose the texture best suited to your hair type to avoid weighing down your style. Spray or light mist if you have fine hair.

5 - Treat your hair to Botox Capillaire

You love your highlights, your new color. So if you want to wear your new style with complete peace of mind, treat and protect your hair. Why not treat it to Botox Capillaire? This highly fashionable treatment consists in deeply nourishing and revitalizing the hair fiber by injecting hyaluronic acid, keratin and revitalizing ingredients. Like botox for the skin, this treatment ritual is a veritable rejuvenating cure for the hair.

These tips from our experts will get you through the bleaching process in style.

Find all the products in the "Violet" range on our e-shop. To find out more about our Botelixir care ritual, contact one of our experts.

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