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Brazilian straightening has become the most popular straightening technique today. They say that to try it is to adopt it! But it's one thing to be convinced by the articles in beauty magazines, or by the opinions of friends who have become adepts of this type of care, but when it comes to taking action, it's a different story!

You're already the kind of person who backs away from the hairdresser, even if it's just to cut off a few ends, because you're afraid of leaving disappointed. Blame it on prejudice and lack of information! In this article, we'll take you behind the scenes of Brazilian straightening, help you understand the different techniques, deconstruct the various prejudices together and, above all, understand all the benefits that Brazilian care techniques can bring to our hair.

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Brazilian straightening is first and foremost a hair beauty care technique. Originating in Brazil, it smoothes hair to make it more supple and shiny. Brazilian straightening is the secret of those magnificent "mirror effect" hairstyles so popular on Instagram, and which we all dream of flaunting one day.

Now we've reached the bottom of the prejudice staircase. Do we have to make our hair suffer to reach these standards of beauty? And to achieve such results, especially with frizzy hair...

"You have to modify the hair fiber, and that means using chemistry".

Brazilian straightening is above all a deep treatment based on plant keratin. Instead of adding color pigments, we inject a cocktail highly concentrated in essential nutrients, including plant keratin, one of the main constituents of hair. This nutrient cocktail also contains amino acids and vitamins that restore the hair fiber's natural suppleness and nourishment, while restoring damaged areas. Next, we seal the scales, strand by strand, using a straightening iron. And this is where we really speak of a skincare technique, as this sealing stage is extremely meticulous and requires real expertise. Unlike Japanese straightening, for example, Brazilian straightening in no way alters the structure of the hair fiber. For AnS Brasil, Brazilian straightening is not associated with chemicals, but rather with organic products, and these signature treatments have become a benchmark. AnS Brasil smoothing products meet the highest standards of the French cosmetics industry, as well as European and Canadian standards. They can be used on pregnant women and children. So no chemistry! No, but a real alchemy with your hair, yes:).

The second common misconception is that "Brazilian straightening doesn't last".

On average, results last up to 6 months! One of the secrets to long-lasting results is the choice of the cocktail of ingredients that will be injected into the heart of the cortex, and the meticulousness with which you seal the scales. Choose straightening products based on natural, vegan, formaldehyde-free ingredients, with a high concentration of plant keratin. Choose a high-performance straightening iron with a wide range of temperature settings. It's important to understand that, beyond the straightening aspect, the purpose of this treatment is to nourish your hair in depth, repair it - particularly curly hair, which tends to be dry and rough by nature - and facilitate daily styling. Your hair type must be taken into account. But with a good Brazilian straightener, you can forget about blow-drying for several weeks.

Another prejudice is "Don't do Brazilian straightening, it'll damage your hair!"

The true Brazilian straightening technique, if practiced according to the rules of the art, with the right products CANNOT damage hair, since we don't modify the structure of the hair fiber. On the contrary, by injecting the hair's constituent ingredients into the very heart of the cortex, we restore the hair fiber's original architecture. Hair is strengthened, deeply nourished and smoothed. The result: hair is resplendent with health and beauty. And one of the primary indicators of hair's health and beauty is its ability to reflect light. With a good Brazilian straightening your hair will display the famous mirror reflection that makes you dream when you flip through the pages of your favorite magazines or swipe on Instagram.

"I'm afraid my hair will be too straight".

Brazilian straightening is certainly a deep treatment, but as it doesn't transform the nature of your hair, this will return over time. Brazilian straightening, unlike straightening or Japanese straightening, relaxes the hair in a very natural way, while maintaining movement. With this type of straightening, there's no risk of straight, stick-like hair!

"I can't do Brazilian straightening on colored hair, because if I don't, I'll damage it".

Brazilian straightening is first and foremost a technique for treating all hair types, so it's perfectly suited to highlighted, color-treated or bleached hair, which also needs to regain strength, vitality and nutrition. We recommend that you color your hair at least one week BEFORE straightening, so that the color doesn't run out when you straighten. Alternatively, color after straightening is possible if it's done at least a week after straightening, and if it's ammonia-free - this is very important so that the hair scales don't reopen.

So you see, there's no reason to be afraid! Brazilian straightening is just a sublimating treatment that has the power to change your daily beauty routine!

The only thing that might disturb you in the early stages is the envious look on your face at the sight of your new hair. Welcome to "on stage", as our TV and film clients so aptly put it: you'll soon get used to shine, and your hair will be the first to shine, you'll see :)

Enjoy AnS Brasil treatments at the salon or at home. All our treatments, including our Smoothing Care Kit, are available from our e-shop.

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See you soon for more beauty tips and tricks.

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