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Greasy hair at the roots may be the result of a genetic inheritance, but more and more of us are experiencing the inconvenience under the influence of stress, pollution, poor diet or in reaction to a hormonal imbalance, bad time of the month or illness. As a result, more and more people find themselves at some point with greasy roots, dull, lacklustre hair and, ultimately, hair that's difficult to style. And yet, by adopting the right daily gestures, we can give our hair a boost of vitality. We tell you all about it in this article.

1 - Start by identifying possible causes

Take the time to analyze the situation? This is very important, because the better you can diagnose the situation, the more likely you are to choose the most appropriate hair care routine. Just answer a few questions? How long have your roots been greasy? Since adolescence? When you're stressed? When you eat on the run? A few days before your period? Since you started taking medication? Occasionally when traveling, for example? You can carry out this audit in the comfort of your own home or at an institute. AnS Brasil's experts are on hand to help you analyze and identify the causes of the problem by studying all the parameters involved.

There are several possible explanations, but the root cause of the problem is an overproduction of sebum. Sebum, which normally acts as a protective barrier for the skin, finds itself in excess under the influence of the physiological imbalances mentioned above, as well as poor lifestyle habits. The challenge is to find solutions to regulate our sebum production. And when it comes to regulating our sebaceous glands, it's essential to get back to basics, and look after our scalp first.

2 - Detoxify your scalp with a hair scrub

Overproduction of sebum and impurities accumulate on the surface of the scalp, suffocating it and not only lubricating the roots, but also making hair dull, fragile and brittle. Hair exfoliation helps to cleanse the scalp. This specially adapted exfoliating treatment gently eliminates excess sebum, strengthens the hair bulb wall and detoxifies the scalp.

Advice from Vincent Martin, co-founder of AnS Brasil: the scalp is the breeding ground of your hair, and it's essential to take care of it. All too often, we spend too much time considering which treatments will enhance our lengths, yet without a healthy, oxygenated scalp, the effect of other treatments is greatly diminished. A hair scrub performed at least once a month will be your best ally. Choose formulas that combine mechanical exfoliation using apricot kernel powder, for example, with soothing active ingredients to soften the scalp and regulate excess sebum.

3 - Choose the right shampoo

Specific shampoo ranges for oily hair are not new. They're often already present in your bathroom, and yet you have the impression that the results aren't really there. First of all, it's important to realize that hair with an oily tendency is synonymous with delicate hair. In fact, excess sebum ends up clogging the hair bulb, leaving the hair less nourished, suffering and slowing down its growth. That's why it's important to use shampoos with a high concentration of natural ingredients, salt-free, paraben-free, silicone-free and SLS-free, for gentle cleansing. And let's not forget that the ideal formula must also provide the elements necessary for long hair, which needs to be moisturized.

The right frequency: avoid washing your hair too often, or you'll exacerbate the problem. Implement a short but effective shampooing ritual. Massage gently, not for too long to avoid over-stimulating the sebaceous glands - yours really don't need it! Above all, rinse thoroughly. Don't hesitate to rinse again.

4 - Treat your hair to an energizing mask once a week

Energizing masks reinforce the effects of shampoo on both scalp and lengths. These highly-concentrated treatments are left on for 15 minutes, reinforcing the detoxifying and soothing action on the scalp, while providing the necessary moisture for the lengths.

Our experts' tip : dry your hair after applying a thermoprotective treatment. To enhance lengths and ends, finish with a few drops of hair serum. Spread a dab of serum, rub your hands together to distribute it evenly and apply to your ends. Use twisting movements to penetrate, repair and smooth split ends.

5 - Remember to brush your hair twice a day

When we think of hair beauty routines, we tend to think that the first gesture to consider is washing or conditioning, but all too often we forget the importance of brushing!

Why is brushing so important? Daily brushing, ideally in the morning and evening, removes excess sebum, impurities, dust, pollution and styling product residues. But brushing has another advantage: it stimulates our scalp and activates skin microcirculation. That's why it's essential to reintroduce brushing into your hair routine. However, brushing should be carried out gently on dry hair, with the exception of curly hair, for which it is preferable to brush on wet hair. In this case, the easiest way is to brush in the shower, for example, to avoid relaxing and deforming curls.

With these tips from our experts, you'll be able to tame your roots and regain airy, shiny hair that's full of vitality and easier to style. All that's left is to implement a new lifestyle for optimum benefits. It's up to you!

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