Brazilian smoothing: bye bye prejudices!

Published : 2019-02-20 15:22:00
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Brazilian smoothing: bye bye prejudices!

It seems that trying it is adopting it, but it doesn't have to be scary! We sometimes resist in going to the hairdresser just to cut ugly ends so for a straightening don't even talk about it...  

It is the preconceptions around Brazilian smoothing that can prevent us from making the jump. So it’s time to better understand why we must give it a chance and try it without restraint!

So we looked at all the little preconceptions we can hear about Brazilian smoothing and we're going to defend them FINALLY by explaining to you all why they're just nonsense!

"Brazilian smoothing, IT doesn't work!"

Brazilian straightening is, above all, a smoothing treatment that aims to nourish our hair and make our daily lives easier while beautifying the hair with a real infusion of nutrition. The principle of this long-lasting care is to open the hair scales in order to inject keratin and active components into them and then close them with heat. Depending on the type of hair of each person, it is even possible to avoid brushing at all. Its results last up to 6 months! Of course it works!

"Okay, but what's in there is full of chemicals."

Brazilian straightening is basically keratin; our hair is composed of 90% keratin and when it is damaged, it is missing. The smoothing is there to give it back its essential nutrient. In Brazilian AnS Brazil straightening there is also a complex of amino acids and vitamins to boost the hair! All AnS products meet European standards and can be used on pregnant women or even children! So no, Brazilian smoothing does not necessarily mean chemical products but rather, organic for AnS Brasil!

"Don't do Brazilian straightening, it will damage your hair!"

The real Brazilian smoothing is a deep care with keratin which has the task to nourish the hair durably, to give it back a lot of shine and vitality and to make our daily life easier. The true Brazilian straightening technique CANNOT damage hair; quite the contrary, it has the power to rebuild it and work miracles where other treatments have failed. 

"I'm afraid my hair will be too straight."

Brazilian straightening is a deep treatment, it will not transform the nature of your hair, it will return with time. Brazilian straightening, unlike Japanese straightening, allows you to relax your hair in a very natural way, while maintaining movement. With this type of straightening, no risk of straight hair chopsticks!

So, you see, no reason to be afraid! Give it a try and you will discover that Brazilian smoothing is just a sublimating treatment that will change your daily beauty routine! The only thing that should frighten you is the jealous looks you’ll get from others looking at your beautiful hair of your dreams.