Even in winter, you have the right to have beautiful hair!

Published : 2019-02-20 15:23:51
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Even in winter, you have the right to have beautiful hair!

Winter is here... and our hair (just like us) doesn't like it! 
It is cold and my skin dries out, my hands crack, so I frantically apply cream from the first tightness. My lips are chapped and my lip balm caresses them at least 10 times a day. These gestures are often part of our winter daily lives, but for our hair what do we do???

Winter brings us the New Year, it's time to make good resolutions, and why not good hair resolutions. In summer, we like to braid our hair or keep this lion's mane after the beach; in short, we celebrate them, we love them! In winter, they are hidden under caps and then hello to the electricity and tarnished hair it in this gloomy weather. How about taking a little bit more time on our beauty routine to make up for the cold that also freezes our hair?

This is the opportunity to make a real cocooning program, so we make a good bubble bath to warm up and relax and take advantage of it to take care of our hair.

Winter means softness, with external aggressions and autumnal hair loss; we prefer non-abrasive shampoos: no salt, no paraben, no sulphate and no silicone, it's really the best!

A little nutrition tip: generously apply a mask adapted to your hair type and wrap your hair in a warm towel to optimize the penetration of the treatment. You'll see, it makes the hair softer. 

NB: A mask adapted to your hair and a treatment that respects it; remember not to choke your fine hair with a mask too rich, but also to choose a very nourishing treatment for thick hair.

A little trick: Don't hesitate to lower the water temperature a little bit when rinsing. Gently brush your hair at the end of the day to remove impurities, dust and pollution. Remember to apply a nutritious serum because micro oils will contribute to the shine of your hair.

A little drying tip: In winter, there is no way to get out of the house with wet hair! The hair dryer becomes a must. But to avoid over-exerting pressure on your hair, ventilate cold air from time to time and do not bring the device too close to the scalp. As for long hair, dry it upside down, it will air it out.
NB: Avoid excessive brushings, which are quite harmful to the health of your hair. Consider using brushing milk or thermal protection.