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From the opening of a new wellness area to the launch of new care rituals or a brand-new product. With our News, you will be the first to learn all the little secrets of the AnS Brasil brand.

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AnS Brasil's expertise is in caring, smoothing and permanently beautifying your hair. Thanks to 18 years of experience, Adriano NS is at the forefront of providing you with the best Brazilian hair care, for any hair or result you expect.

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From the Quintessence Ritual to the Purifying Ritual, smoothing or not smoothing, each hair has its own personalized care. We are committed to caring for your hair from root to tip in order to enhance it and to restore shine, health and vitality.

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100% Brazilian Smoothing

This exceptional ritual will offer you up to 100% smoothing of your hair and a mirror shine to the ends. This deep keratin hair care treatment strengthens and rehydrates your hair and facilitates daily styling. This is the extreme of Brazilian smoothing!

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AnS Brasil has created just for you two locations dedicated exclusively to Brazilian hair care. Magic operates away from prying eyes: in the intimate backdrop of a courtyard with the sweet scents of Moulin Rouge, The Institute, and also in the heart of a splendid apartment in a Haussmann-style building not far from the most beautiful avenue in the world, The Showroom..

The Institute The Showroom